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Income Taxes

At Kairos Financial Group, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities. Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities in existing as well as recently altered tax laws.
Small Business
When establishing a new business entity or facing filing questions over an unfamiliar election, transaction or asset transfer, it is important to consult a tax professional. Seeking competent advice ensures compliance, minimizes taxes and protects against additional taxes and penalties. Kairos Financial Group can work with you to ensure you are making sound choices regarding your small businesses tax needs.

Kairos Financial Group offers experience in income tax services including but not limited to:

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Planning
  • Depreciation
  • IRS Audit and Problem Resolution
  • IRS Compliance
  • Multi-State Tax Returns
  • Prior Year Tax Filings
  • Retirement Planning (IRA, Roth, SEP…)
  • Self Employment Tax
  • Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Tax Alternatives and Reductions
  • Tax Return Preparation