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You have worked hard to build a solid financial foundation for you and your family, so you want to be sure that what matters most to you is protected. Unfortunately, accidents, illness, injury and unforeseen emergencies are a fact of life. So is having enough income at the retirement stage of your life. If you are not adequately prepared, these events could leave you and your family devastated and unable to meet financial obligations. Kairos Insurance Services can help tailor a customized insurance program for you and your family.


Annuities are savings plans designed to help client’s save for retirement. Money put into an annuity grows tax deferred and are not taxed until you withdraw the money. Annuities also provide safety of principal (no loss of principal) and can be designed to generate a guaranteed income for life.

People are living longer and that means more time and savings will be spent in retirement. Annuities are one way to create financial security by growing and protecting your money leading up to retirement. Annuities are long-term savings products.


Life Insurance

Protect what matters to you – your loved ones. With life insurance, you can ensure the financial security of those left behind after a death. We offer affordable coverage to provide the financial basics for your family. The money can be used for final expenses, help to replace your lost income, cover debts, pay your mortgage, fund a child’s education and more.

The loss of a loved one is hard enough emotionally without having it compounded by financial worries from the potential loss of an income. Life insurance can help your loved ones meet important financial needs beyond final expenses, including daily living expenses, medical expenses, mortgage payments and college savings. Kairos Insurance Services offers affordable life insurance options.

Disability Income Insurance

Protect one of your most valuable assets – your income. Disability Income Insurance can replace a portion of lost income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. It can help you to meet your financial obligations and maintain your current lifestyle.

If you’re unable to work due to a pregnancy, sickness or injury, disability income insurance can help you meet expenses and maintain your standard of living. It can help you pay bills like your mortgage, tuition and car payments, and help cover expenses for food, clothing and utilities. By replacing a portion of your income, disability income insurance can help provide financial security until you get back on your feet and return to work. Kairos Insurance Services can assist you with disability insurance to ensure the maintenance of your lifestyle and protect your family’s future.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Emergency treatment, unexpected illnesses, hospital visits and medical exam expenses add up quickly. Supplemental Health Insurance can help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance does not cover.

Kairos Insurance Services offers various Supplemental Health Insurance plans to cover hospitalization expenses and even cash in the event of accidental injury that may not be fully covered by your major medical insurance. Supplemental Health Insurance reassures you that if the unfortunate occurs, you will be covered.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance works in much the same way that medical insurance works. For a specific monthly rate (or “premium”), you are entitled to certain dental benefits, usually including regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and certain services required to promote general dental health. Some plans will provide broader coverage than others and some will require a greater financial contribution on your part when services are rendered. Some plans may also provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery, dental implants, or orthodontia. Kairos Insurance Services offers affordable dental plan options for you and your family.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is generally a supplemental insurance to other types of medical insurance policies. Vision insurance will help offset the costs of routine checkups as well as help pay for vision correction wear that may be prescribed by the attending physician. Kairos Insurance Services offers affordable vision plan options for you and your family.


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