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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

A small business employee retirement plan can be a smart way to provide for one of your key assets – your people – as well as benefiting you and your business. Whether you are self-employed, looking for a 401(k) for your small business or need a tailored IRA plan (SEP, SIMPLE, Keogh..), Kairos Insurance Services can help you create a forward-thinking retirement plan.

A quality retirement plan

  • Help attract and retain valuable employees
  • Reduce your company’s tax burden
  • Allow you to invest money in your own retirement

Provide for your employees

As a business owner, you take care of your employees through salary, medical care options and paid vacation time. So, why not offer a retirement plan that will help them now and in their retirement years? You also may find that a retirement plan is an excellent tool for attracting and keeping valuable employees, as well as helping them attain a more financially sound future.

Reduce your tax bill

Establishing an employee retirement plan may offer tax benefits because:

  • Employer contributions to retirement plans (and often plan expenses) are generally tax-deductible.
  • Your business may be eligible for a tax credit for establishing a qualified retirement plan.

Invest in your own retirement

You can invest money for your own retirement in the plan you set up for your employees. A retirement plan may have these benefits for you and your employees:
  • Potential growth of your investment earnings that’s tax deferred until you take a withdrawal or distribution
  • Reduction of your income tax bill – now or in the future (when retirement funds are withdrawn)
  • Company matching of a portion of your contribution

As a business owner (even if you’re self-employed), you can usually invest more through a business retirement plan than through an IRA. Kairos Insurance Services can help you tailor a plan to suit the needs of your business.


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